Welcome to Van Zandt County Livestock Auction, Inc.
We know cattle, and we depend on the cattle market just 
like you; therefore, we always have your best interest in mind.  We are open to many avenues to meet all your marketing needs. In addition to the weekly auctions, we also offer exceptional special sales that feature female replacements and breeding bulls and pre-conditioned calf sales.  We are constantly working to help increase your earnings and provide new innovative solutions.

Van Zandt County Livestock Auction, Inc. continues to set the market pace with its weekly Saturday sales.  Representatives from major buying firms and packing houses, plus the local cattleman are present every Saturday.

Our goal is to help producers.  Your respect, trust and loyalty are most important to us, and our word
and integrity is our most valuable business tool.  

We invite you to come visit us at Van Zandt County Livestock Auction, Inc..        
PRE-CONDITIONED CALF SALES2016 Special Sale Calendar

Sale Every Saturday
at 11:00 a.m.
Tommy Barton:(903)385-0030
Brandon Barton:(903)539-5824

    Special Female Replacement Sale
                  Saturday May 21, 2016
                    Consignments Welcome 

Special Pre-Conditioned Calf Sale
Saturday June 11, 2016
           Consignments Welcome          

                                    T &S Trip Hoppers 
                 Range Cattle Feeders For Sale.
                                     We carry all models
                 Stop by or call us for more information   
                Go Bulk with your feeding and save $$$$ 
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